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Let the Healing Begin...

The Reality of Divorce: Like a shock to the system you finally realize that your marriage is over.

The emotions crash in waves: anger, depression, anxiety, fear. Then the questions: What happens now? What about the children? How will I survive?

Your friends and family rush in to share their divorce stories, but matrimonial laws have recently changed. Their facts may not match your situation. Their advice might be flat wrong!

You need to know your rights and obligations under New York State Law. Click on the official New York State online calculator below to help you determine your specific child or spousal support responsibilities.

And don’t wait. Call now for a free consultation. If you’ve made the decision to move on, then it is time to let the healing begin…

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Areas of Practice

  • Matrimonial Law​

    Matrimonial law is more than just divorce. It includes everything that happens before, during and after the marriage.

  • Family Law

    In Family law, a myriad of situations can impact the family unit.

    Everything from domestic violence, family offenses, parental rights, child removals, juvenile delinquency, modifications of support obligations, custody, visitation and willful violations of Orders of the Court.

    I am here to take you through the Family Court process toward your goals.

  • Criminal Law​

    And it is not uncommon for family matters to spill into criminal justice courts: Violations of orders of protections, domestic violence, child abuse, sexual offenses and children in need of supervision.

    Sometimes an unrelated felony or misdemeanor can have an impact on the custody and visitation of children.

    In a New York minute, suddenly a defendant can be consumed by multiple legal actions: both civil and criminal.

    Let me help you navigate through it all.

Simple and affordable payment plans: Flat fees or retainer depending on case complexity.


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